FastAPI For Busy Engineers

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Exactly What You Need to Get Up-To-Speed with FastAPI

Who Has Time for a 20 Hour Course?

No one busy. In this course, I promise to compress all the key principles, tactics and approaches I've learned from using FastAPI to get you up-to-speed with this web development

No Fluff

Check out the curriculum below to see what is covered:

  • All lectures have matching source code
  • All techniques are tried and tested in production
  • All carefully curated into a 4-hour bundle (note, not all lectures are complete yet)
  • Plenty of extra reading/material for those who wish to go deep down the rabbit hole.

Included in this course are weekly office hours where you can ask me any FastAPI (or general software development) questions for no extra charge




Why Take This Course?
All Lectures Slides & Notes
FastAPI Basics

Hello World with FastAPI
API Path Parameters
API Query Parameters
Pydantic Schemas
Error Handling
Serving HTML with Jinja Templates
Adding a Database

FastAPI & SQLAlchemy - DB Models
Data Access Layer
DB Migrations with Alembic
Bringing it all Together in the API Endpoints
Structuring FastAPI Projects

An Extensible Project Structure
FastAPI Async Capabilities

Async Theory
Adding an async endpoint & measuring performance
Auth with JSON Web Tokens (JWTs)

Auth Theory
Creating Users
Setting up Logins
Dependency Injection in FastAPI

Dependency Injection Theory
Hands-on Depends Example
Dependency Injection and Testing
Working with Frontends (React)

Architecture Intro
Frontend Code Overview
Home Page Code
React Auth Code
Profile Page Code
Deployment with Docker

Uvicorn & Gunicorn
Dockerizing the Backend (Local Setup)
Deploying the Backend to Heroku (Paas)
Deploying the Frontend to Heroku
Sending Emails, Background Tasks and Logging

Mailgun Intro
Email sending code
Config updates
Background Tasks

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